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Mackey Voice client | Total Energies
Mackey Voice client | Spectrum
Mackey Voice client | USO
Mackey Voice client | 7-Up
Mackey Voice client | Tesla Motors
Mackey Voice client | Adobe
Mackey Voice client | Sony
Mackey Voice client | Walmart
Mackey Voice client | Nike

About Joshua Mackey

Exceptional Voice Talent and Audio Producer

"As my client, you are treated as my only client. My dedication to my craft comes second only to my work ethic and my drive to build strong professional relationships with my clients."

-Joshua Mackey

🎙️ Unlocking the Power of Sound & Storytelling

Welcome to my world of sound and storytelling, where the magic of voice and the art of audio production come to life. I'm Joshua Mackey, and I'm here to take you on a journey through the symphony of creativity and innovation that has defined my career for over two decades.

🎙️ A Voice That Resonates Worldwide

My voice is not confined by borders; it's a vessel that reaches audiences across continents. With a non-regional U.S. English accent, I've had the privilege of becoming the trusted voice behind brands like Hulu, Nissan, Nike, Microsoft, Tesla, Nvidia, Duolingo, and many more. My mission is to provide a professional voice representation that transcends expectations, setting a tone of excellence in every project.

🎙️ Crafting the Sound of Excellence

As an accomplished Audio Producer, I'm not just a creator of sound; I'm an architect of precision. In my professional home studio, equipped with high-quality gear and a sound-treated vocal booth, I ensure that every audio file shines with clarity. Audio editing and post-production aren't just skills; they are the tools I use to sculpt perfection.

🎙️ Navigating the Digital Frontier

In a digital age that craves dynamic content, I've expanded my horizons as an Owner/Operator. My portfolio is a vibrant canvas, spanning from voiceovers to sound design, video editing to copywriting. Creativity is my compass, guiding me to elevate brands, beat deadlines, and make businesses sound exceptional.

🎙️ Commitment Beyond the Studio

Beyond my creative endeavors, I'm committed to making a difference in the community. As the former Board President of the Sandhills Crisis Intervention Program, I oversaw a significant increase in funding, ensuring that support reaches those in need during their most trying moments.

From the airwaves to the studio, I've become a maestro of diverse talents. My journey is a testament to the belief that sound and storytelling have the power to transform ideas into experiences and brands into legends.

Join me on this captivating voyage of sound and storytelling. Let's collaborate and bring your next project to life with excellence, passion, and a touch of magic.

Quick Stats:
North American Male
Non-Regional Dialect
Young - Middle-aged
Moderate/Professional Tone

Joshua Mackey | professional voice artist portrait

Conversational | Friendly | Professional

 Engaging | Hard-Hitting | Informative

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